Freqently Asked Questions?

1. What age do you take childen from?

A. We take pupils/ dancers from 4+ age

2. What does my child need to wear to class?

A. First lesson the Pupil/ Dancers should wear either black shorts or leggings, with a T/Shirt - clothes should be loose fitted. No Jeans permitted.

3. How much is a lesson?

A. Depending on which class you attend, depends on the fee - Check out our class timetable for fees.

4. Where can i buy the shoes?

A. You can buy the shoes from any company who sells them, but please check with your teacher on which shoes maybe suitable, or a seller they may know.

5. What is a Feis/ Competition?

A. A feis or Competition is when a pupil or dancer is entered to dance or compete against other irish dancers which can be on a local level or even international. Class teachers will be able to answered questions on a feis/ Competition.

6. When can my child enter a Feis/ Competition?

A. This will be the decision of your dance teacher, this will be explained when the dates are released for a Feis/ Competition.

7. What does my child wear to a Feis/ Competition?

A. Dancers wear the following: (According to their grade).

Beginner: Black Skirt, Red T/Shirt or Team Dress

Priamry: Solo Dress or Team Dress

Intermediate: Solo Dress

Open: Solo Dress

8. Do you have school rules?

A. Yes. We do have school rules, all parents are given rules after 2 weeks of being in the school.

9. Do you have Registration fees?

A. Yes. we do have registration fees, these are payable two weeks after the first lesson. These are paid yearly, February of each year.

10. Can we as parents sit in on a class?

A. Parents can sit in on a class for approx. two weeks after the pupil/ Dancer starts.  After this we ask that parents drop the Pupil/ Dancer of and leave. Unless the Teacher has asked for the parents to stay.

11. Are all Teachers DBS (Formally CRB) Checked.

A. Yes. All Teachers in Griffin School are checked.

12. Who is Cumann Ceilteach Rince Gaelach (C.A.I.D)

A. Cumann Ceilteach Rince Gaelach (C.A.I.D) is an irish dancing organisation which Griffin school is a member and we are governed by the organisation for rules regarding Feis/ Competitions. Pupils/ Dancers & The school pay a yearly fee to be part of the organisation.

13. Can my child have private lessons.

A. Yes private lessons are available please speak to the teacher at the specific class.